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DSP Processor DSP240 DSP360 DSP480
DSP480 is 4 inputs 8 outputs DSP digital signal processor with software to offer all in one high standard professional audio solution.
Product Details


  • Full digital audio processor for extreme high quality sound performance.
  • Applications for auditoriums, houses of worship, theaters, convention centers, stadium and stage monitoring system.
  • 4 inputs and 8 outputs with audio matrix system
  • 96k Hz sampling rate 24 bit high performance AD/DA converters.
  • 40 bit floating point super efficiency DSP chip.
  • 8 bands parametric equalization per input channel
  • 9 bands parametric equalization per output channel
  • Each band can be switched to bell, Hi/Lo-Shelving, HP/LP, Band Pass, Notch and All Pass filters.
  • Crossover filters with slopes from 12dB/Octave up to 48dB/Octave including Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz Riley.
  • Each output features a dynamic range controller composed of a peak limiter.
  • Adjustable delay time up to 1,000 ms for every channel.
  • Convenient use of function buttons on either front panel or the included English software interface displays.
  • 24 pre sets can be programmed and stored and protected by password.
  • Each input channel provides 8 PEQ, gain control, noise gate function, RMS compressor, and configurable delay.
  • Each output offers 9 PEQ with the crossover filters wholes slopes from 12dB up to 48dB/Octave.
  • Each output path also features peak limiter, HP/LP filters, and driver alignment delay.
  • Full matrix mixing mode where inputs may be routed/mixed in any ratio to any output.
  • Direct user-friend English PC/Network connection and control.
  • Front panel USB connector for direct PC communication.
  • RS232 connection for system setup, monitoring and control via full manageable remote PC software.
  • Front panel interactive LCD display for local access and configuration.
  • Simultaneous control up to 50 units via PC software security lockout.
  • Option model of DSP240 (2 In/4 Out) and DSP360 (3 In/6 Out)


  • Professional Sound System, Sound Reinforcement System, Live Performance, AV Conference System
  • Auditoriums, Houses of Worship, Theaters, Convention Centers, Stadium and Stage Monitoring System





Digital Audio Processor

Analog Input

4×XLR balanced, >10k Ohm

Analog Output

8×XLR balanced, 50 Ohm


0.002% at 1kHz 0dBu

S/N Ratio


Frequency Response

20-30kHz; -0.5dBu at 20Hz and 20kHz

AD/DA Converter

24 bit-48kHz

DSP Gain

From -40dBu up to +15dBu by 0.1dBu resolution steps


8 PEQ per channel

PEQ Type

Hi/Lo-Shelving, HP/LP, Band Pass, Notch and All Pass filters

PEQ Gain

From -30dBu up to +15dBu by 0.1dBu resolution steps

Filter Type

Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz Riley

Filter Slope

From 12dBu up to +48dBu per octave

PEQ Frequency

0.05-3 Octaves (Q=0.404-28.852)

Crossover Filter

HP/LP per output channel

Input RMS Compressor

Threshold from -20dBu to+20dBu and Byp

Attack time from 0.3 ms to200ms; Release time from 0.3 sec up to 3 sec

Output Peak Limiter

Threshold from -20dBu to+20dBu and Byp

Attack time from 1 ms to 900ms; Release time from 0.3 sec up to 5 sec

Input & Output Polarity

Normal 0° or inverted 180°

Input & Output Mute



0-1,000ms per input and output channel


24 user presets


4×XLR inputs, 8×XLR outputs, USB on front panel, RS232 of 9PIN on rear panel

Power Supply

AC 90V-240V, 50-60Hz


484×44×222mm, 1RU