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Four Channel DSP Power Amplifier with Dante DSP-4060 DSP-4120 DSP-4240 DSP-4350 DSP-4500
Dante Amplifier is built-in DSP processor and Dante Network audio, ideal for IP network multiple audio streaming professional sound system, 4 channel amplifier, 4 channel Dante input output, 100V & 8 Ohm speaker selector.
Product Details


The DSP-4500 series are four channel power amplifiers with DSP & Dante network module for affordable audio amplification in both fixed and commercial audio installations. The DSP power amplifiers are rated power output at 4 x 60W, 4 x 120W, 4 x 240W 4 x 240W to 4 x 500W which provide an enormous flexibility for different size sound system applications. The DSP processor in combination with remote management software gives user friendly experience with intuitive functions overview for easy configuration. Acoustics can be optimized using EQ, Crossover, Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filters with selectable roll off which can be configured as Low / High & Band Pass and the equalizer which has adjustable frequencies and Q-factor. These settings can be custom configured using the English remote software by RJ45 port on rear panel. Loudspeaker protection is provided by an output power limiter whereby the maximum output power for every channel (in Watt) can be configured. Configuration is made simple with loudspeaker presets and full system configurations which can be selected from a library and uploaded to the amplifier. This ensures the best acoustical performance with a bullet-proof loudspeaker protection. The amplifier built-in 4 Input 4 Outputs DSP and Dante network card, which can ensure each input and output could be managed respectively, two RJ45 ports are used as primary & secondary port for DSP & Dante both. There are four balanced line inputs by phoenix connector with separate gain control. The amplifiers support 100V & 8 Ohm both commercial audio & professional audio applications, where an output selector could enable this function for dedicated sound system. Four remote GPIO for failure output to communicate with third party system. The installation of this Dante network amplifier with DSP allows receiving and sending of low latency, high quality audio over a standard Ethernet network.


  • 4 x 60W, 4 x 120W, 4 x 240W 4 x 240W to 4 x 500W power amplifier
  • 100V & 8 Ohm output with selectors
  • Built-in DSP with EQ, gain control, crossover, delay, limiter, high-pass filter & low-cut filter
  • Dante network control with 4 In 4 Out matrix
  • Two Ethernet RJ-45 network connector for both Dante and DSP configure
  • Remote GPIO for failure outputs
  • 1U height 19” rack mount type power amplifier
  • Balanced line input by phoenix connector for four channels.
  • Each four inputs with separate gain control.
  • Separate four channel indicators for protection, clip, input and output.
  • Complete short circuit, overload, high temp, clip and DC protection.








Class-D Power Amplifier with DSP

Rated Power Output 100V





Rated Power Output 8 Ohm





Speaker Output

8Ω & 100V


EQ, gain control, crossover, delay, limiter, high-pass filter & low-cut filter.

RS485 for system setup, monitoring and control via fully manageable remote PC software

Frequency Response

L/H Cut OFF 20Hz-20KHz (+1/-2dB)
L/H Cut ON 70Hz-10KHz (+1/-3dB)


1V, 0dBu, balanced phoenix connector by four channels

Input Impedance



<0.1% (1KHz/-3dBv, 100W)

S/N Ratio



>60dB, 1KHz, Max output

Power Consumption





Power Supply

AC input switchable between 115V & 230V, 50-60Hz

DC 24V






484x420x44 mm






DSP Features:

  • 4 In and 4 Out DSP
  • Ethernet RJ-45 network connector for remote control
  • 32 bit DSP process, 96kHZ sampling rate, 24-bit AD/DA convert.
  • Input including low cut, feedback inhibition, PEQ, noise gate, gain, mute, phase, linkage adjustment and volume adjustment.
  • Output including X-over, PEQ, Gain, mute, compressor/limiter, phase, delay, linkage adjustment and volume adjustment.
  • All PEQ Gain, bandwidth, frequency continues adjustment. Type can be select by PEAK, H-SHELF, L-SHELF, LOW CUT, HIGH CUT, ALLPASS1, ALLPASS2.
  • All inputs/outputs can do Matrix, and all the input and output channel name can be changed.
  • All the input and output with independent phase curve adjust function, PEQ style choose ALLPASS1 can realize 180º curve adjust, ALLPASS2 can realize 360º curve adjust.
  • All high cut, low-cut type can be select by Butterworth, Link witz-Riley, Bessel, slope can be chosen.
  • Noise gate’s threshold, time, ratio can be adjusted for input, compressor, limiter, ratio, time can be adjusted for outputs.
  • Max delay time 680mS for all output channels.
  • Pre setting can copy for every single channel, every channel can do link adjust.
  • Every input and output channel frequency response curve situation can be found when you are in any input and output.
  • 21 presets can be save and recall, Password protection function for high level applications.