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Professional Sound System for Government Building


Professional Sound System for Government Building

  • Multiple audio sources like microphone, CD/DVD player, Mp3, AM/FM Tuner.
  • 4 channel UHF wireless microphone system for mobile speech use.
  • Tabletop condenser microphone for control room paging system use.
  • Digital mixer with DSP, EQ and USB for signal mixing control and management.
  • Digital audio processor with loudspeaker management system with EQ, crossover, delay, limiter, suppressor, DSP and timer.
  • Digital Class-D switching power four channel amplifier to power the main line array loudspeakers.
  • Minimum amplifier weight of highest power up to 4×1200 watts @ 8ohm in 1U height.
  • Two channel stereo power amplifier to power the two subwoofer.
  • Compact 12” line array speaker system for life performance and outdoor sound reinforcement system.
  • Include with mounting & hanging accessories.
  • Comes with European quality standards and of 5 years quality warranty.
  • Compliant with worldwide certificate: CE, RoHS, ISO9001, ISO14001.