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Wi-Fi Internet Stre​aming 6 Zone Mixer Amplifier with ATT/Mp3/USB/FM/Bluetooth


Wi-Fi Internet Streaming 6 Zone Mixer Amplifier with ATT/Mp3/USB/FM/Bluetooth



Wi-Fi Internet Streaming 6 Zone Amplifier delivering 120W to 500W output with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming capability. Controlled from an Android or iOS smart phone, the Wi-Fi module is compatible with freely available apps to stream music and podcasts directly from a Wi-Fi network. Embedded internet radio offers high quality digital audio from almost any online radio station or podcast available worldwide. Subscription services can store online playlists which can be cast directly from the internet without requiring the smart phone to be connected to the network. Wireless streaming of tracks and playlists stored on the smart phone can be sent from within the app or directly via Bluetooth to the amplifier. In addition, the Wi-Fi Internet Streaming Amplifier has inputs for USB and TF card for playback of stored tracks. The Wi-Fi Internet Streaming Amplifier provides a versatile "hands off" background music solution for continuous playback of music from internet services or a choice of other sources for bars, cafes, restaurants, reception areas and house parties. The Wi-Fi Internet Streaming 6 Zone Amplifier support multiple zone or multiple room of different music, while it also supports multiple mobile to remote control over Wi-Fi, so remote volume and music control is easy for both commercial or home audio applications. It is all in one solution with three sources, pre amplifier and mixer power amplifier into one 19” 2U height unit, which is economy but of high reliable performance. It integrates 3 audio sources into a mixer amplifier, plus Mic1(6.3mm) and Mic/Line input 2-4 (XLR), two line inputs, one EMC input and one RJ45 input for 6 zone remote paging microphone. Mic1 VOX with highest priority except EMC input. One USB and one SD slots on front provide easy access and operation for installer and end-user. The amplifier is design with complete protection of overload, short circuit and high temp to avoid any damage. These amplifiers are suitable for applications in bank, mosque, school, hotel, restaurant, theme centers and shopping center.


19” rack mount Wi-Fi Internet Streaming amplifier of 2U height

Wi-Fi Internet Streaming 6 zone mixer amplifier with Mp3 player, FM radio & Bluetooth

Wi-Fi streaming amplifier with wireless smart phone control

Free Wi-Fi Legacy Player app for Android or iOS

Support Spotify, DLNA, airplay, internet radio and any online radio stations.

Support multiple zone or multiple room of different music

Support multiple mobile to remote control over Wi-Fi

Support one mobile to remote control multiple Wi-Fi amplifiers

With LAN port and WPS to reset Wi-Fi address

Rated outputs of 120W, 240W, 350W to 500W

6 zone speaker outputs of 100V & Single zone 100V/70V/4-16 Ohm speaker outputs

Six zone speaker outputs with independent volume control

Built-in media player with MP3/USB/FM tuner/Bluetooth, Mic1 input 6.3mm jack of VOX highest priority

Mic/Line input 2-4 balanced XLR with mic/line switch and +48V phantom power selector

Line 4-5 inputs on rear panel by RCA, EMC input by RCA on rear panel of secondary priority except MIC1

One amplifier capacity of 6 remote paging microphones DA-500RM up to 200 meters

Volume control for Mic1-4 and line 1-2, bass/treble/master and 6 zone volume control on front panel

Visual indicators include AC and DC Power, protection, clip, 6 zone status and output level meters

Complete amplifier protection includes overload, clip, short circuit and high temp protection

230V AC and 24V DC operation system

Remote Paging Microphone DA-500RM:

Communication through CAT6 cable up to 200 meters

Direct power supply from zone amplifier DA-500MT

6 speaker zone individual, group or all zone paging

Up to 6 Mics working simultaneously loop connection








Wi-Fi Internet Streaming 6 Zone Mixer Amplifier w MP3/USB/FM tuner/Bluetooth

Rated Power Output





Speaker Output

6 zone speaker outputs of 100V

Single zone 100V/70V/4-16 Ohm speaker outputs


Mic1-4: 2.5mV, Mic1 of 6.3mm jack, Mic/line 2-4 of balanced XLR

Line1-2: 250mV, RCA

EMC: 250mV , RCA

Frequency Response




S/N Ratio



High temp, short circuit, clip & overload protection

Power Supply

230V AC & 24V DC, 50-60Hz

Power Consumption