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Football Field Sound System Design from CMX AUDIO


Football Field Sound System Design

Punchy, high quality music in the cafeteria
Music from radio/CD, MP3 from CD, USB-key or SD-card
Powerful, weatherproof and rustfree horns outdoors for football field and stands
Connection for 2 optional wireless microphones
Area: 8100 m 2 - 10700 m 2
DVD/Mp3/Bluetooth Audio Player DMT200
Stereo power amplifier CS-2400
Wireless microphone system UHF-200C
Outdoor stadium horn loudspeaker HSK-108T
Digital DSP processor DSP480
Power Sequencer

Field Sound System Design from CMX AUDIO typically using digital mixer for audio sources and microphone WM-U200C feed into stereo amplifier CS-2400 and outdoor stadium horn loudspeaker HSK-108T and with digital signal processor DSP480 and power sequencer for power management.