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CMX Sucessfully Audited EN54-24 2022 FPC Inspection


CMX Sucessfully Audited EN54-24 2022 FPC Inspection during 23-24.03.2022

CMX Sucessfully Audited EN54-24 2022 FPC Inspection during during 23-24.03.2022. Due to the Covid 19 reason, face to face FPC inspection is not impossible, thus video 2022 FPC inspection has been the best choice.

CMX QC & QA team spend two days with CNBOP online inspection team, mainly about incoming QC, onsite QC, shipment QC, quality record and engineering documents, CMX team has successfully audit these professional documents to win another year of EN54-24 certifications.

Our European customer expressed high appreciation of CMX team FPC job, since it is very professional job and very detailed engineering documents and R & D innovation. Thanks to our customers support, CMX EN54-24 loudspeakers line has been increased the daily output about 45%.

CMX always place new technology as the first motivation of company growth, so we continueouly new products will be certified as EN54-24 loudspeakers as below:
1) FCS-66ABEN, EN54-24 AB ceiling speaker 6W
2) HSK-30TEN, 5VB 30W EN54-24 Horn speaker
3) HSK-15TEN, 5VB 15W EN54-24 Horn speaker
4) WSK-530HEN, 5VB 30W EN54-24 Wall Mount speaker
6) CSK-520KEN, 5VB 20W EN54-24 ceiling speaker
7) FWS-56MEN, 6W EN54-24 wall mount speaker