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CMX Public Address Voice Alarm & Evacuation System EVAC-500 for L'mour Hotel Vietnam


CMX HCM Distributor PhucThanh Audio Enhance the Safetey Sound System for L'mour Hotel Vietnam by Public Address Voice Alarm & Evacuation System EVAC-500.

Public Address Voice Alarm & Evacuation System EVAC-500 Features:

1) Voice Alarm & Evacuation Auto Announcement. Once there is fire detection trigger, the EVAC-500 voice alarm & evacuation system will automatically broadcast the emergency messages to pre-set zones.
2) Full Backup & Monitoring System. All of the main signal of this voice alarm & evacuation system will be monitored and backuped, which includes CPU, amplifier, power supply, paging & control path, loudspeakers zone lines etc to ensure the system is ready for emergency use.
3) Alert & Evacuation Emergency Messages. In case of emergency, the EVAC messages will quickly and efficienly and safely got people been evacuated, while the alert and clear message will release people been prepared and been reassured back to work.
4) Background Music System. The public address system EVAC-500 is designed of 2 microphone inputs and 4 line inputs and one emergency fireman microphone, which could be feed into external audio sources player and various wired microphone or wireless microphone for paging and BGM use.
5) Remote Zone Paging System. The voice alarm & evacuation system EVAC-500 is built-in paging controller, which enable of 120 zones remote paging, support up to 32 remote call stations. The system supports keypad remote microphone EVAC-500RM and touch screen microphone EVAC-500TM and fireman microphone EVAC-500FM.
6) Third Party System Integration. The voice alarm & evacuation system EVAC-500 with 8 programmable control input and 8 programmable outputs, easy integrate with any third party system like CCTV security system, fire alarm system, fire detection system, door access system, airport PAS system (Passenger announcement system) and BMS system (building management system).
7) Easy Expandable System. One master controller EVAC-500 is of 6 zones, by cascaded more router or slave controller to expand zone to 12, 24 and up to 120 zones. The system could be expanded by adding more router according to the project phase to save time and cost for project budget.
8) User Friendly Software. With remote management software for setting, program and monitor, easy trouble shoot and after sales serivce support.
9) Romote Trouble Shoot. All system support on-line technical support and trouble shoot to avoid any extra cost because of distance and time service.
10) Event Records. All of the system operation history will be automatically recorded and could be downloaded for security management use.

EN54-16 Certificed Public Address Voice Alarm & Evacuation System EVAC-500---Website Product Information