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CMX Trade Mark Registered Successfully


CMX trademark had been successfully registered by China National Intellectual Property Administration dated on July 07, 2021, which means we are the only official authorizer whom can display the CMX trade mark on all audio & communication equipments manufactured and distributed in China.

CMX trademark now is the leading commercial audio and public address system manufacturer in China, we are taking the top 3 worldwide market share among China manufacturers. We would like to work with our worldwide partners together to protect their own and our own intellectual property, we had cooperated together for OEM & ODM business more than 6 years and won more than 20 worldwide well known brand name trust, since we strictly follow the rules of China National Intellectual Property Administration.

CMX take pride in our R & D and QC services, we had successfully developed more than 5 models of electronics ODM and more than 10 models of commercial and EN54 loudspeakers every year since 2019 to ensure the updated technology and quality consistency.

CMX will continuously improve our commercial amplifier & loudspeaker, EN54 voice evacuation system and loudspeakers, SIP/IP audio system, audio conferencing system and emergency communication system in the coming 5 years.