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5G Wireless Conference System for Government Conferencing System


5GHz Wireless Conference System

5G-CU, Chairman Unit

5G-DU, Delegate Unit


  • 5G Wireless Connection, the most updated ultrafast wireless communication system over 5G
  • Maximum Flexibility, suitable for rental use, portable and mobile use without any cable connection
  • Intelligent Mobile, auto-diagnose/connection/standby, multiple microphone discussion simultaneously
  • No Interference, anti-interference with mobile and other electronical equipment
  • Dual-DSP, built-in dual digital signal processor ensure the best voice speech restoration
  • WPA2 Digital Encryption System, anti-information leakage to protect the conference communication of high security.


  • Corporation Boardroom

  • Conference Room

  • Lecture Theatre

  • Traffic Management Center

  • Command Center

5G Wireless Conference System Connection Diagram:

5G Wireless Conference System BOQ:

  • 5G Wireless Conference System Controller, 5G-MC×1 Unit
  • 5G Wireless Conference System Chairman Unit, 5G-CU×1 Unit
  • 5G Wireless Conference System Delegate Unit, 5G-DU×10 Unit
  • Digital Mixer Console 16 CH, MD-16USZ×1 Unit
  • Power Amplifier MX-2S600×2 Unit
  • Signal Distributor CS-212×1 Unit
  • Power Sequencer PA-108PS×1 Unit
  • Line Array Speaker LAS-5200B×4 Unit