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IP Active Wall Mount Speaker IP-650A
IP-650A is one IP based active speaker pair, built-in ip decoder, amplifier and indoor wall mount speaker pair all in one solution.
Product Details


IP-650A IP powered speaker is a all in one network audio system solution, which is the most convenient audio over internet solution of which no signal cable and no speaker cable wiring is needed. The simplest connection is plug in the RJ45 communication port, input source, paralleled connect with another passive speaker, power on, then it can communicate with the server and enable all functions of a network audio system. IP-650A IP speaker includes an IP network active speaker and a passive low impedance speaker. The IP network active speaker is built-in decoder, a active speaker with stereo 30W+30W digital class-D amplifier and a 30W passive speaker, the speaker output could be selected as 10W, 20W or 30W The connectors of this active speaker include one communication control port by RJ45, two reversed communication port by RJ45, one RCA input, one serial communication port for write in or change IP use, one 10w power output to amplify another passive speaker, with balance and volume attenuation, AC power switch, one status and one power indicators. The IP network active speaker package is of wall mount design, so it cloud be installed in anywhere of the non-dedicated network. It is high economy solution to use one this package for each classroom, hospital, prison and office such multiple room applications. The biggest advantages of the network audio system are: Super distance audio transmission, simultaneous maximum program task and non-dedicated network wiring.


  • IP powered speaker with IP addressable network module.
  • IP network audio active speaker package.
  • One IP network audio active speaker and one passive speaker.
  • The network audio active speaker is built-in network decoder, an active speaker built-in a stereo 30W+30W digital class-D amplifier and a 30W passive speaker.
  • Economy solution for multiple room applications.
  • Each room only installed one pair of loudspeakers.
  • Anywhere of the LAN system of non-dedicated network system.
  • No need aux cable and speaker cable wiring.
  • Control data and aux data transmission both by CAT 5 cable.
  • One aux input and one RJ45 control LAN input.
  • One low impedance power output for another 8ohm 10W passive speaker.
  • One serial communication port is only used to write in or change IP address.
  • One status and one power indicators.
  • Balance output and master volume attenuation.
  • IP-650AW is of white color as option





IP Network Powered Speaker

Network Input

Standard RJ45 port

Transmit Speed


Communication Protocol


Audio Format


Sampling Rate


Transmission Speed


Audio Mode

16 digit stereo CD level

Frequency Response

20Hz~16KHz (+1dB, -3dB)



S/N Ratio


Power Output

8Ω ,30W + 30W class-D amplifier

Aux Input

One input, 400mV,RCA type


Serial port for write in or change IP, one RJ45 port for LAN, one reserved RJ45 port

Volume Control

Balance and volume attenuation


Status and power indicators

Working Temp

5 ~40



Power Consumption


Power Supply

~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz