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Splicing Processor

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VS-1616 VS-3636

Splicing Processor




l   Full digital switching, each output card can achieve true real-time seamless switching;

l   The IP board supports the network monitoring of the ball machine access, and can be remotely controlled by the PTZ. At least 400 units can be connected to each board.

l   Can be directly controlled by touch screen or Apple and Android tablet, win system tablet;

l   Each output card can realize video stitching function, and the image window can be arbitrarily zoomed, superimposed and roamed in the full screen range;

l   The preview card can realize video preview and switch functions;

l   Support 1080p resolution, refresh rate 60;

l   The signal of the forward high-speed channel supports DVI1.0 protocol, 3D part of HDMI1.4a protocol, HDCP 1.3 protocol, EDID1.4 protocol;

l   Support hot swap, support audio and video signals to switch together, support audio AUTO DELAY;

l   HDMI digital audio and analog audio selectable input, HDMI digital audio and analog audio output simultaneously;

l   Support EDID reading, PC software control switching and EDID management;

l   HD Base T input and output signals support embedded (or local) bidirectional RS-232 and bidirectional IR signals, and can be switched with video signals, or separate switching modes, and support POE external power supply;

l   Flexible control mode, with infrared remote control, RS485, RS-232 communication interface and network port, and can be controlled by the remote HD Base T serial port, which is convenient for users to use with various remote control devices;

l   Support firmware online upgrade;

l   Support the operation of intelligent control matrix fans;

l   SDI input card with loop-out function;

l   3636 and above matrix with redundant power supply design;

l   Plug-in structure design, flexible configuration of input and output signal types and signal channel number.

l   Dual power supply redundant power supply, support for hot plugging of power supply (can be connected to more than 3636 cabinets);

l   Dual POE power supply, 48v poe power supply (3636+ cabinet support);

l   The output board supports a custom resolution;

l   With simple central control function;

l   No need for external central control, touch screen, ipad can directly control the matrix;

l   HDMI, DVI front drive 35m;

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