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Digital Conference Network Divider

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Digital Conference Network Divider






l   Supporting star-shaped topological connection so that the microphone unit only needs one wire to connect the system

l   More microphone channels can be provided to realize splitter cascade connection, each splitter has two branch

l   As a passive small network switch, it supports connecting three AP

l   Long-distance wiring signal transmission as signal amplifier

l   characteristic

l   No fan, no noise design

l   Power-free design

l   Super compact design

l   Control and Indicator Lamp

l   4RJ45 port with power supply indicator and signal indicator

l   Connect

l   2RJ45 intersection is connected by upper and lower levels, and 2 intersection is connected in series as a branch supply unit.

l   1The AP port of the road host and the other three ports are used to connect the AP.






l   Voltage: 48VDC

l   Power: 0.9W

l   Network Driver: 100m Network

l   Weight: 0.1kg

l   Size: 80Wx50Hx23D mm


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