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Embedded Digital Simultaneous Transmission 64 Channel Selector

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Embedded Digital Simultaneous Transmission 64 Channel Selector







l   Creative patent appearance, low-key black design, touch icon button.

l   64 language channels, all of which support 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response

l   Standard CAT5e is used as connecting line and RJ45 connector is used to facilitate installation and post-maintenance of standardized engineering wiring. The system is firmer and more stable with installation clamp.

l   Automatically adapting and displaying channels for current applications

l   Internal playback automatic mute function

l   Embedded on desktop, desk and armrest of conference chair

l   Hot swap function of system unit and automatic recovery function

l   Channel selector VE-206 can be used independently or can be connected to voting unit VE-203 or VE-205, simple speaking unit VE-203 or VE-204S.

l   64 language channels, all of which support 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response

l   Channel Selection Button, Volume Adjustment Button and OLED Display Screen

l   Channel selector is activated by inserting headphones to display language channels

l   Insert headphones, default in floor channel, and volume, display brightness in comfortable range

l   Control and Indicator Lamp

l   Two touch buttons (up/down) for channel selection

l   Two touch buttons (up/down) to adjust the volume of headphones

l   OLED Display Channel and Volume Information





l   1x3.5mm Stereo Headphone Interface (Front Panel)

l   2x RJ45 socket system cascade (rear panel)

l   1xRJ11 socket for connecting voting units VE-203/VE-205 or VE-203/VE-204S

l   1x3.5mm Audio Interface for Connecting Simple Speech Unit VE-203 or VE-204S

l   Technical Parameter

l   Keyboard: Touch Headphone Load 16_Headphone Volume 10 mW

l   Input impedance of 3.5mm stereo jack for headphone interface is 2K

l   SNR 70 dB

l   Frequency response 20-20000Hz

l   Shape Material: Aluminum

l   The working temperature is 0 to + 55 and the color black weight is 0.6kg (with microphone pole). The shape size is 100 40 65mm (width depth height).

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