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Extended Host for Full Digital Conference

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Extended Host for Full Digital Conference





l   Full digital conference system is a conference extension host designed for network conference, which supplies power to DANTE speaker and enhances signal.

l   Functional Characteristics:

l   Supporting the expansion of 120 conference units up to 120 conference units, realizing the hierarchical connection of ring system structure and star structure connecting unit centered on extended host computer, expanding 4-channel connecting chairman/representative unit, using dedicated power adapter to supply power, realizing no fan noise, the cascade distance between extended hosts up to 100 meters, single port maximum output 40W, supporting the connection of four DANTE speakers without wind.Fan and noise-free design of small chassis, easy to hide installation belt installation screw hole, easy to install






l   Output: 48VDC

l   Rated current: 3.34A

l   Current range: 0-3.34A

l   Rated power: 150W

l   Working temperature: - 30 - 70 C

l   Working humidity: 20-90% RH

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