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Keyboard Controller

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Keyboard Controller






l   Rs485 Bus Line, and a keyboard can connect 31 domes at most in the direct control mode.

l   It can be compatible with all kinds of protocols.

l   You can control the Iris Locus and Zoom.

l   You can set and call the preset, run scanpattern and tour.

l   You can control the matrix and through which can control the dome indirectly.

l   It can be set alarm trigger ans alarm linkage.

l   It has been equipped with the 3D joystick and the larger LCD scree


Parameter Features:

l   Input voltage9V-12V AC/DC Rated power2.5W

l   Communication interface

l   RS485×1RS422×1,RS232×1,RJ45

l   Communication frequency

l   2400Bps ,4800Bps, 9600Bps

l   Communication distance

l   1.2kmRS485 and Rs422 can achieve it

l   Operating temperature040 Relative humidityless than 90%

l   Physical property L*W*H=378*160*98mm Weight1.3kgNet Weight

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