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Lead Vocal Stage Microphone

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Lead Vocal Stage Microphone




1. Vertical conference microphones can be used for conferences, lectures, and chorus.

The microphone adopts φ14 imported gold-plated film microphone core.

2. The sound collection range is wide, the sound quality is clear, crisp and transparent.

3. The design is customized according to ergonomics.

4. Transducing mode: Capacitive

5. Frequency response (Hz): 30Hz-16KHz

6. Directivity: Heart-shaped pointing

7. Output impedance (ohms): 75Ω

8. Sensitivity: -43dB±2dB

9. Supply voltage (V): phantom 48V

10. Adjustable height: 0.1m - 1.65m

11. Microphone weight: 3.9KG

12. Output: Balanced output

13.. Anti-cell phone, electromagnetic, high frequency interference

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