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IP Speaker or IP POE Speaker 15W

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IP POE Powered Wall Mount Speaker                                                                  



The IP POE Powered Wall Mount Speaker is the latest in IP technology. This Power over Ethernet (Compatible with both IEEE 802.3af & IEEE 802.3at) VoIP mass notification device has network-controlled speaker volume, scheduled program broadcast, priority-based multicast streaming, group definition, working status supervision, remote online technical support and trouble shoot. The speaker is capable of broadcasting audio through multicast.

The POE powered wall mount speaker enable to be built up an IP based sound system through a single CAT5 or CAT6 wire. The single CAT5 cable is used for control data, signal data and power supply, by this way, the layout cost will be much decreased without any consideration of AC nor DC power supply.

The POE powered ceiling speaker is compatible with universal POE switch, thus the POE speaker works with existing POE LAN/WAN & internet network and fiber-optical cable, no need dedicated network to be built-up. So it is very useful for office, hotel, school, bank, factory & shopping mall where POE network is already there. External DC12V connector is also equipped in this POE speaker for standby power supply use.

The POE ceiling speaker is designed with 5” two way wall mount speaker with 15W class-D amplifier.

There is one contact input and one contact output to interactive with third party system. The remote paging microphone IP-600RM enables to make announcement over individual speaker, group speakers over network.


POE (Power over Ethernet) supportable all in one network audio system

POE IP PA system with background music, paging system and voice alarm system

Minimum cable connection over existing LAN/WAN/Internet system

Huge system capacity up to 1,200 zones

Support with existing POE switch network system

Compatible with both IEEE 802.3af & IEEE 802.3at

IP based POE powered 15W 5” two way wall mount speaker

Built-in IP module, 15W class-D amplifier and speaker

Single network cable for control, signal and power supply

Same POE speakers enable to be several group or zone defined

Different music or voice message simultaneously broadcasted through different POE speakers

Paging prioritization and background music system

Network adjustable speaker volume

Closed contact input & Closed contact output for third party integration

DC12V power supply input as standby use





IP POE Powered Wall Mount Speaker

Power Output

15 Watts RMS & 10W Watts Max (1KHz@-3dB)

Built-in Amplifier

15 Watts RMS & 20W Watts Max

Speaker Unit

Two Way 5” woofer+1.5” tweeter

Network I/F



ARP, TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP & IGMP (Group Broadcast)

Audio Format


Audio Quality

16digit stereo CD level

Sampling Rate


Bit Rate




S/N Ratio




Frequency Response



One RJ45 port for existing LAN/WAN & internet

One control input, 0V, short circuit contact

One control output, 0V, short circuit contact

One DC12V battery backup input

Power Input

POE 802.3af or POE 802.3at & DC 12V

Operation Temp

-30 to +55




Stainless mounting U-shaped bracket is supplied


UV-protected ABS cabinet and metal grille in white or black



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