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5G Wireless Conference Delegate Unit

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5G Wireless Conference Delegate Unit




ü  Wi-Fi transmission technology; strict digitalized protection to ensure the conference’s confidentiality, and to avoid eavesdropping and malicious interference.

ü  capacitive cardioid directional microphone with dual color indicating ring: red for speak and flashing green color for insufficient power;

ü  Built with one 3.5mm stereo earphone jacket; support volume adjustment;

ü  Built-in loudspeakers; support volume adjustment;

ü  OLED display with backlight, which can show the information of microphone ON/OFF, ID settings, etc.

ü  non-compressed audio transmission technology; 48K sampling rate; 20Hz ~ 20KHz bandwidth; perfect audio quality;

ü  Working with high definition camera auto-tracking mainframe and HD IR auto tracking camera to realize camera auto-tracking function;

ü  Support managing the microphones with PC software; support FIFO, APPLY, and NORMAL modes, etc.

ü  The chairman unit has the priority to turn off the delegate units;

ü  WiFi Encryption Conference Speech Voting The chairman unit has the function of initiating a check-in and closing check-in;

ü  Speech by the WiFi Encryption Conference Chairman Unit can initiate a three-button vote (Approve / Abstain / Reject) and end the voting; and support to show voting results;

ü  The OLED display can show the microphone status, check-in results, support in Chinese and English language display;

ü  Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, support 24 hours continuous speaking or 26 hours standby time;

ü  Special purpose 5-pin high density aviation interface;

ü  Professional conference microphone with screw cap interface for freely plug;

ü  Built-in 2 units 3W hi-fi monitor speakers;

ü  Feedback suppressor built-in: when the microphone is turned on, the built-in speaker will be turned off automatically to avoid feedback;

ü  Capacitive touch button, no mechanical button sound, long life keys.






Delegate   Unit

Earphone   Jacket

1*   3.5mm (0.14 inch) stereo earphone jacket, 2×15mW/32 Ohm

Frequency   Response


Wireless   Frequency Range

4.900-5.850GHz,   IEEE Draft 2.0 802.11n

Radiation   Power


Wireless   Gain


Batter   Output Voltage


Battery   Capacity


Continuous   Speaking Time

24   Hours

Max.   Standby Time

48   hours


Black,   ABS

Max.   Power Consumption



Φ=165   H=64 (mm)

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