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Dual Audio Recorder with USB/SD/BT

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Dual Audio Recorder with USB/SD/BT





The DMR200 is a dual audio recorder with USB/SD/Bluetooth player in a compact 1U housing with the ability to record the mixed output on either player. The left player is also suitable for streaming music from your phone or other mobile device. On the front side of the player is a headphone input for selectable monitoring of each channel. Ideal to be added to the 19" rack of club, bar or cafe.

ü  2x USB port and SD/MMC slots

ü  Bluetooth receiver: Streams music wirelessly from any BT enabled device

ü  Record function on both players

ü  Separate output channels per player + mixed out

ü  Blue LED display

ü  Suitable for 19" rack installation 1U high

ü  USB/SD/MMC inputs for direct playback of MP3

ü  Headphone output with level control

ü  Selectable output channel for headphone

ü  Repeat function

ü  Folder and single function

ü  Recording stored as 128kbps MP3

ü  ID3 tag





Dual Audio Recorder   with USB/SD/BT

Frequency   response




Signal to noise   ratio


Channel   separation


Output: Line

2 x RCA


2 x SD input, 2   x USB input

Power supply

220-240Vac /   50Hz


155 x 483 x 45mm   (19" x 1U)



DMR200 rear.png

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