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IP AV Encoder & Decoder

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IP AV Encoder & Decoder


VC-P60P is AV encoder & decoder for all audio & video streaming over IP.



Simple IP AV encoder & decoder; Wide adaptation and interworking; Support HD 1080P video and OPUS_48K Hi-fi audio; Using menu type UI; Using intelligent flow control and algorithm of forward error correction (FEC); with the feature of anti network volatility; H.264 high profile;

Dual-stream, dual-display, and the video format is 1080P; Reliability: it uses stable embedded system design to ensure stably operating in 7 x24 hours; Slim; stylish appearance; Dimension (mm): 220x324x40; Easy to use: boot configuration is same with the last conference; 2 hot-key: 1 is to attend the meeting, and the other is to speak; no need professionals; HD: Support 1080P/60; only need 1M to hold 1080P video conference


COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL:  Multimedia framework protocol: ITU-T H.323 and IETF SIP



Support H.264 (High profile); With HD video input/output: DVI and HDMI; Video resolution: 1080P60/501080P30/251080P24720PD1480PCIFQCIF; Static Graphic: 1080P(1 to 60 fps), 1280x1024, HD 720P, XGA, 640x480; Support dual-stream technique H.239; main/auxiliary stream is up to 1080P/60; Low bandwidth HD image 1080P/30; Min. Bandwidth is 1Mbps;


AUDIO FEATURES: Audio condec technique: G.711A/UG.722G.7221G.722.1.CG.723iLBCAACOPUS, etc;

Synchronization of lip and voice; Multiple CH audio mixer; Echo canceling; Auto gain; Noise canceling;  Phantom power.



Support SVC H.264 which could stand pack loss rate 20%; Support voice priority and strategy QoS; Support H.235 signal encryption and AES media stream encryption; Need password to attend conference/manage conference.



Maintenance and Management Using menu type remote control; Support remote maintenance Telnet and SSH;Software Update: support local remote update; Partition management according to user characteristics and regional features.


INTERFACE: Audio Input: 1 Mic input in Canon type; Line Input: RCA x2 (Stereo); Audio Output: RCA x2 (Stereo) + HDMI;

Video Input: DVI-I x2; Video Output: DVI-D + HDMI; Camera Control Port: RS232; Network Interface: 10/100Base-T RJ45.



Dimension: 220x324x40mm

Weight: 2.1Kg;

Working voltage: AC 100V to AC 240V; 

Working Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz;

Max. Power consumption: less than 500W

Temperature: 10 35 (working state)

Relative humidity: 10%80% (working state)

Ambient noise: less than 40dBA

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