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Digital Nameplate

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Digital Nameplate




ü  It adopts dual-side 7’’ LCD screen.

ü  768dpi resolution, integrated with 10-point capacitive touch technology.

ü  It is built in with 4-core 1.4G high-performance CPU.

ü  It is integrated with wired and wireless dual network function.

ü  The touch soft keyboard of the tablet supports to modify or add the information of the participant.

ü  The tablet is built in with USB port, which supports automatic uploading function.

ü  It supports the participant’s names pushed by server administrators and displayed with few time intervals. And it supports the name list of the participants imported batched.

ü  It supports preset the meeting topics, which can make the topic content display to the corresponding participants in different meeting topic situation.

ü  It supports generating layout simulation. Based on the names and seats arrangement of the participants, the system will display the simulation diagram of the actual meeting place in the way of electronic image.

ü  It supports filling absence function. After the seats are preset, when there is someone absent, the system will make all the names after the absent one to move forward to fill the absent one automatically and display the new name very soon.

ü  It supports insert new-added participant’s name. After the seats are preset, when there is new participant need to add, the system will make the original name in this inserted place and all other names following this one to move down automatically.

ü  It supports interchange the seats. After the seats are preset, it supports interchange the seats in server and the tablets will display the new names automatically.

ü  It supports the organization name displayed in different lines, for example, Affairs Bureau of Provincial Government.

ü  It supports meeting service function. The participant can send the service demand to background manager.

ü  It supports preset the participants for several meetings. It allows presetting the participants’ name of more than 2000 meetings, click one key to start the next meeting and all the participants’ information will be displayed in the tablets soon.

OptionalWi-fi module, POE power supply module and AC adapter power supply kit.






Digital Nameplate






4 core 1.5G





Operating Temp




Working Voltage


Power Supply Mode

Power adapter/POE/Battery



Communication Mode

Wired network or WIFI


Capacitive touch control

Control Points

10 points

Display Screen

HD double-side 7LCD screen

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