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Video Conference System HDX8000

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HD Video Conference System 



HDX8000 is upscale video conference solution with one HD video conference system camera VC-602CA and one HD video conference system terminal with MCU VC-600HD and one HD Video Conference System Omnidirectional Microphone VC-601RM. The HDX8000 from CMX AUDIO is compatible with POLYCOM, CISCO, HUAWEI, CLEARONE etc video conference system. It’s with supreme processing feature for audio and video and with excellent low bandwidth adaptation, which provides you with HD communication experience.



 It's embedded with 4 micro control unit so that it supports 4 party conference and intelligent split screen; Wide adaptation and interworking; Support HD 1080P video and OPUS_48K Hi-fi audio; Using menu type UI; Using intelligent flow control and algorithm of forward error correction (FEC); with the feature of anti network volatility; H.264 high profile;

Dual-stream, dual-display, and the video format is 1080P; Reliability: it uses stable embedded system design to ensure stably operating in 7 x24 hours; Slim; stylish appearance; Dimension (mm): 220x324x40; Easy to use: boot configuration is same with the last conference; 2 hot-key: 1 is to attend the meeting, and the other is to speak; no need professionals; HD: Support 1080P/60; only need 1M to hold 1080P video conference


COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL:  Multimedia framework protocol: ITU-T H.323 and IETF SIP



Support H.264 (High profile); With HD video input/output: DVI and HDMI; Video resolution: 1080P60/50、1080P30/25、1080P24、720P、D1、480P、CIF、QCIF; Static Graphic: 1080P(1 to 60 fps), 1280x1024, HD 720P, XGA, 640x480; Support dual-stream technique H.239; main/auxiliary stream is up to 1080P/60; Low bandwidth HD image 1080P/30; Min. Bandwidth is 1Mbps;


AUDIO FEATURES: Audio condec technique: G.711A/U、G.722、G.7221、G.722.1.C、G.723、iLBC、AAC、OPUS, etc;

Synchronization of lip and voice; Multiple CH audio mixer; Echo canceling; Auto gain; Noise canceling;  Phantom power.



Support SVC H.264 which could stand pack loss rate 20%; Support voice priority and strategy QoS; Support H.235 signal encryption and AES media stream encryption; Need password to attend conference/manage conference.


CONFERENCE FEATURES: Support common multiple screen layout; support up to 16 split screen.


Maintenance and Management Using menu type remote control; Support remote maintenance Telnet and SSH;Software Update: support local remote update; Partition management according to user characteristics and regional features.


INTERFACE: Audio Input: 1 Mic input in Canon type; Line Input: RCA x2 (Stereo); Audio Output: RCA x2 (Stereo) + HDMI;

Video Input: DVI-I x2; Video Output: DVI-D + HDMI; Camera Control Port: RS232; Network Interface: 10/100Base-T RJ45.



Dimension: 220x324x40mm

Weight: 2.1Kg;

Working voltage: AC 100V to AC 240V; 

Working Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz;

Max. Power consumption: less than 500W

Temperature: 10℃ ~35℃ (working state)

Relative humidity: 10%~80% (working state)

Ambient noise: less than 40dBA

HD Video Conference System HDX8000 Package Qty:

HD video conference system camera VC-602CA ×1

HD video conference system terminal with MCU VC-600HD ×1

Omnidirectional Microphone VC-601RM×1

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