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8" Touch Screen Panel for Central Control System

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8” Touch Screen Panel




MX-T8 is one touch screen Panel for central control system host MX-5000A, which comes with all control and program function through Wi-Fi included lighting dimmer, audio attenuation, AC power sequencer, AV multiple channel switch and display, air conditioning system, AV conference system & automation system. The LCD screen it used has a high resolution to 1280*800, and the transmittance ups to 99.9%. Two built-in wireless communication modules of RF433 and Wi-Fi, can switch freely which makes the control more accurately. It's a durable, easy-to-use and rapidly respond product. 



● Wireless touch screen panel for central control system.

● With all program and control ability over lighting, audio, power, camera and AV conference system

● Wireless transmission distance is up to 50 m in open area.
● The 16:9 wide LCD display supports TFT full-color under all sides and resolution ups to 1280*800 .
● 99.9% high transmission capacitive screen. 
● Operation interface can be customized by the use, PNG, JPG and other commonly used image format, graphical interface support text, 3D button, polymorphism, irregular button effects.
● Simple touch screen can realize all remote wireless control.
● Support handheld mobile use.
● Charged via USB. 
● Wi-Fi/RF free control mode switching.
● Support one way PIP.
● Wi-Fi support bi-directional communication.



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