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Central Control System Host

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Central Control System Host



MX-5000A from CMX AUDIO is the new Central Control System Host. Using the advanced integrated technology, it provides high speed precise control environment, a variety of programmable control interface and open user programming environment, so as to complete complex control interface programming.


● Host of central control system, head of the audio video control.

● 32 bit embedded processor allocation frequency reaches 210MHz,built-in 8M memory and 2M memory FLASH, can run complex logic instruction cache.
● Provide open programmable control platform, humanized Chinese operation interface and interactive control structure.
● Powerful built-in programmable interface makes programmable central control computer can control almost all of the external equipment (including the third party equipment).
● The user can establish its own infrared code database, also can download the latest infrared code from the CREATOR library website, can realize infrared logic control of pair of codes by one key.
● Support 1, 3 road CR-NET control bus, can be extended up to 32 network equipment (such as: touch screen, dimmer, power controller, volume control, etc.).
● Built-in IR learning function.
● The metal chassis design, in line with international standards, can be installed in any chassis, cabinets of 19 ".
● Through the expansion of Ethernet control interface to realize computer remote control. 


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