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2.4G Wireless Microphone System

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2.4G Wireless Microphone System                                                                               




·        Automatically match between headset microphone and receiver.

·        Widely used in Teaching, Lecture & Speech, presentation, tourist guide & mobile shop. 

·        2.4GHz wireless microphone system of anti-interference technology.

·        Wireless Headset Microphone up to 50 meters transmission of clear voice speech use.

·        Omnidirectional Microphone for excellent voice pickup.

·        Light thin steel Headset Support & Holder with soft ear pad for Stable and Comfortable wear.

·        Built-in high power capacity battery for longer working hours.

·        Mini, stylish and smooth design for good-looking Appearance.




l  2.4GHz, two way, Frequency hopping technology

l  Automatic match

l  Continuous Battery time: 6 hours plus

l  Signal Feature: 16bit, 44.1KHz

l  Transmitting Power: less than 20mW

l  Transmitting Current: 30--40mAh



l  2.4GHz, two way, Frequency hopping technology

l  Automatic match 

l  Continuous Battery time: 6 hours plus

l  Stereo 3.5mm Plug (including Mono 6.35mm plug)




l  Frequency Range: 2.4GHz

l  Frequency Synch:  Automatic match

l  Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz±3Db

l  Power Supply: Lithium battery

l  RF power: 10mW

l  Capsule Type: Omnidirectional

l  Current Consumption: 0dBm<70mA

l  Continuous Battery time: 6 hours plus

l  Transmission Coverage: 50 meters or 300 SQ meters

Product List:

l  Transmitter with microphone×1 piece

l  Receiver×1 piece

l  Charger×1 piece

l  Audio cable×1 piece

l  Headset holder/support×1 piece

l  Mono 6.35mm plug Gold plated×1 piece

l  Instruction×1 piece

l  Gift box package

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