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Wireless Conference System

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Wireless Conference System



ü  Simple operation UHF wireless conference system.

ü  Minimum cable wiring to save cable layout cost.

ü  Minimum cable connection ideal for rental use or portable conference system.

ü  Basic discussion conference system or audio conference system.

ü  System capacity of 600 delegate microphone units.

ü  Chairman unit with priority over delegate units.

ü  Chairman unit and delegate unit built-in rechargeable battery.

ü  Microphone unit built-in monitor speaker.

ü  Several meeting modes: Limit (1/2/3/4), First in first out (1/2/3/4), Chairman Only and free discussion modes.

ü  5 delegate microphones can be turned on at the same time.

ü  Microphones can be operated on the built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

ü  Battery working time of 16 hours and standby time of 60 hours.

ü  Multi-channel high bandwidth and intermediate band frequency selective filtering to avoid any interference.

ü  Built-in feedback suppressor to decrease feedback and noise effectively.

ü  Built-in noise deletion circuit and TONE-LOCK system to make sure the system has strong anti-jamming function.

ü  Operation distance up to 300 meters and coverage up to 1,000 Square meters.


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