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Auto Video Tracking Controller

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Auto Video Tracking Controller                                                             AVT8                                                                                 



l   Auto video tracking controller to matching with audio conference system.

l   Automatically switch the spokesman to screen after press the talk button of the microphone.

l   Built-in video switching 8 input & 2 output AV matrix and expandable to more channels.

l   One controller supports 8 cameras.

l   512 video camera auto-track pre-sets.

l   Compatible with various brand name analog and IP cameras.

l   Support Pelco-D and VISCA both protocols. (Pelco-D Baud Rate: 9600. VISCA Baud Rate:9600)

l   The processor can communicate by RS232/RS 422 interface with computer or video switching matrixes.

l   High speed dome follows the location for last opening of all speaking representative, when the microphone which opened last was closed, the dome will follows the last following camera spot, and when all speaking microphone were closed, the dome will automatically moves back to the standby video-home position.

l   When without the computer, set the camera spot advanced through pressing the button at the front panel of processor, and also set by IR remote controller.

l   AVT8D is model which support HD camera.






Auto Video   Tracking Controller

Camera Qty

8 Units

Video Input

8 Inputs

Video Output

2 Outputs

Communication   Protocol

RS232 & RS422   DB9×2 ports

Communication Port


Power Consumption


Power Supply

AC110V/240V,   50-60Hz






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