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Outdoor IP Speaker 30W

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Outdoor IP Speaker
IP-630A (30W)

IP outdoor speaker for outdoor IP sound application
Ideal for park, garden, playground, parking outdoor sound system.
IP speaker with IP streaming, class-d amplifier and two way speaker.
All metal extruded aluminum alloy enclosure with cast aluminium top and bottom plates.
Full dust free and waterproof IP65 rated, suitable for in/outdoor use.
Support to work with exiting LAN/WAN/Internet network.
Two models of 30W RMS.
Support protocols of UDP,TCP/IP,IGMP.
Standard Rj45 network port.
Easy and secure installation through the supplied strong metal mounting brackets.
Interface to integrate CCTV, fire alarm, door access and third party system
By using IP microphone IP-600TM enable to paging to individual IP speaker or group or all speakers.
By using software to creat different groups of flexible operation.
By using server software enable to control different program and volume in remote place.
By using server software enable to timely broadcast scheduled multiple programs automatically.
Simple system configuration by server software, IP microphone and IP speaker to set up one IP music and paging sound system.
Minimum system upgrade cost by add more IP system without exiting system layout change.

Model: IP-630A (30W)
Description: Outdoor IP Speaker
Network port: standard Rj45.
Support protocols:UDP,TCP/IP,IGMP.
Sampling rate: 8K-48KHz.
Audio format: MP3/MP2.
Transmission rate: 100Mbps.
Audio quality: 16 digit,CD grade timbre.
Frequency response: 80Hz~16KHz.
T.H.D: ≤1%.
Woofer unit: 6.5" x1
Tweeter unit:1.5"x1.
Power supply:AC220V ± 10% 50-60Hz.


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