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Professional Amplifier (4×1500W@4Ω)

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Four Channel Class-D Professional Power Amplifier (4×1500W@4Ω)                                    



The four channel class-D professional power amplifier is designed with switching power technology, whose advantages are without transformer for less heat generation and long life span. Moreover, higher efficiency of more than 85% could help to decrease the power electricity consumption by green environment protection. Special power circuit design of PWM to ensure the world first level natural cooling system with additional four fans.

The 19” rack mount 1RU height design is suitable for universal permanent installation of any sound reinforcement system. The digital Class-D technology also bring the lighter amplifier of less rack space consumption into true, so it is very useful and cost-effective amplifier for installer and system contractor.

The CX4.150 four channel class-D professional power amplifier rated power output is 4×1500W@4Ω, so it is design for various installation applications like for government building, stadium, theater and cinema, capacity of each unit maximum connection of four professional sound low impedance loudspeakers.


Robust performance range professional power amplifier.

Ideal for life performance, permanent installation and sound reinforcement system.

Switching power technology digital Class-D level power amplifier.

Green technology amplifier by 85% efficiency of less power consumption, higher power output, less heat generation and longer life span.

With PWM special power circuit to ensure excellent cooling system.

19” universal rack mount type in 1U height.

Minimum weight less than 10kgs without transformer technology.

Support stereo output at 8Ω, 4Ω to 2Ω.

Rated power output 4×1500W@4Ω & 4×800W@8Ω.

Input by balanced XLR male connector of two channels.

Link by balanced XLR female connector of two channels.

Output by balanced Speakon female connector of two channels.

Complete protection include clip, high temp, overload and short circuit.

With four fans for cooling down the internal temperature.

Visual indicator of output level meter, power, protection and clip.

Comes with 5 years quality warranty.





Four Channel Class-D Professional Power Amplifier

Amplifier Class


Power Output RMS Stereo

4×800W@ 8Ω

4×1500W@ 4Ω

4×1800W@ 2Ω



Frequency Response

20Hz~20KHz (at±0.3dB)



THD @ 1kHz

<0.3%, 1dB below clip

Damping Factor @


Slew Rate


Signal/Noise  Ratio


Input Sensitivity


Voltage Gain


Input Impedance

20KΩ (bal.), 10KΩ (unbal.)




Input by XLR male, link by XLR female, output by Speakon female.


Clip, high temp, overload and short circuit


Temperature controlled fan

Power Supply

AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz


484(W) ×430(D) ×44(H)mm, 1RU height

Net Weight



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