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EN54-16 6 Zone Voice Alarm & Evacuation System

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CMX won the EN54-16 certificate of Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipments, certificate no. I/ISETC.000620190305.

EN54-16 certificated Voice Alarm & Evacuation System from CMX Audio (also called Public Adress Voice Alarm PAVA or Voice Evacuation System) is one of the most important elements of security in modern public buildings. Thanks to Voice Alarm & Evacuation System EVAC-500 it is possible to quickly emergency announcement during a fire, bomb alert or other emergency and to effectively control the evacuation process of people in dangerous areas of the building. The core operation of the PAVA EVAC-500 is general announcements, emergency announcement or background music.

From the reliability and performance of the Voice Alarm & Evacuation System EVAC-500 depends the success of the evacuation operation, and therefore the most important issue is the quality of the it’s elements e.g. cable installation, which must be made of high temperature resistant materials, to ensure continued operation of the system even in the event of a fire. The detailed technical and design requirements for PAVA have been determined by EN54 regulations.

Key Features of EN54-16 Certificated Voice Alarm & Evacuation System EVAC-500 Include:

Division of the installation into fire zones

Integration with fire alarm system

Main signal line supervised and redundant

Fire redundant loudspeaker lines

Fire-proof loudspeakers

Auto-backup once main amplifier failure

Use of automatic self-test systems

AC & DC redundant power supply

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