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Digital AV Conference System Master Controller Touch Screen

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Digital AV Conference System Master Controller (Touch Screen)                     


l   Designed accordance to ISO and IEC914 standards

l   Digital conference system with touch screen display

l   Digital audio conference system integration with video conference system

l   Power consumption of main unit 400W, each unit can support 50 units meeting microphone (1 chairman microphone & 49 delegate microphone)

l   Combing video and audio signal in one cable

l   This system can work with computer or without computer

l   Master controller and microphone can display videos from camera or external video devices

l   Master controller has following features:
1) M
anage the meeting with software, support double screen display; 2) Voting function (yes, no & abstain); 3) Electing function (single-ballot and multiple-ballot); 4) Mode score: audience response (100, 75, 50, 25, 0); 5) Video camera auto-track function; 6) Chairman can set following discuss work mode: free mode, FIFO mode(1-9 microphone unit), Limit mode (1-9 microphone unit),etc.

l   TFT LCD display panel with touch control function, touch screen on main unit and microphone

l   Equipped with 2 group video input interface

l   Five groups of terminal interconnection interface for microphone connection

l   Build-in RS-232 interface for PC connection

l   Build-in video processor, support video camera auto-track function

l   Build-in speaker on main unit and microphone

l   Connection ports: - 1 aux input (RCA) - 1 line output(RCA ) - 1 REC output (RCA )- 1 master output (XLR)- 2 DVD video inputs (RCA)- 8 cameras ( or domes ) inputs ( RCA )- 2 auto-tracking cameras control- 2 video output ( BNC )- 5 mic connectors- 1 computer control connector ( RS-232 ) 





Digital AV Conference System Master Controller

Power Supply

AC110V/240V 50Hz/60Hz

Consumption Rating




S/N Ratio


Frequency Response


Audio Input


Audio Output

RCAx2, XLRx1


4.3 inch 24 bit TFT LCD touch screen

Output Impedance


Video Input

BNCx4 RCAx2 75Ω

Video Output


Control Type


System Connection




Net Weight


CS-901 Chairman Unit (Touch Screen)                                                                                 

CS-902 Delegate Unit (Touch Screen)                                              

CS-901 CS-902.jpg 

l   Digital AV conference system microphone

l   Digital touch screen conference system chairman microphone and delegate microphone

l   Frequency response: 40Hz~16kHz

l   Sensitivity: -44dB(±2dB)

l   S/N ratio: 85dB

l   Dimension(mm): 217x127x50

l   Length of gooseneck: 410mm (17")

l   Net weight: 1KG

l   Discuss, video & voting

l   Built-in speaker

l   4.3" 24 bit TFT touch LCD (480*272)

l   Sound pick-up distance: 20~50cm

l   IC card/key press sign in option

l   Chairman with priority button


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