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IP Public Address System

IP public address sytem include background music system, paging system and voice alarm system over IP, IP based PA sound system by IP speaker and IP microphone.

IP Public Address System Features IP-600


IP-600 IP public address system is a very simple & cost-effective sound over IP system, which support more than 600 streaming simultaneously with paging system and voice alarm system over IP. Its configuration is flexible and with minimum equipments, so a basic IP public address could be set up by one set server software IP-600SF, one IP paging microphone IP-600RM and multiple IP speaker IP-600POE or IP-601POE, thus a mutiple zone IP public address system for school, hotel, restaurant, bank or hospital could be easily built up and managed.


The IP-600 IP public address system most attractive features: multiple management centers, remote program management, built-in audio matrix system, built-in weekly timer & scheduler, multiple zone paging system, no need cable layout in advance, system easy expansion at any time, support different buildings communication and different cities communication, support IP public address system and talkback intercom system, integration with fire alarm system and third party system.


Basic IP public address system IP-600 equipments list:

IP-600SF, IP public address system server software

IP-600RM, IP public address system remote microphone

IP-600POE, IP speaker 6W, ceiling type

IP-601POE,  IP speaker 15W, wall mount type

IP-600NA, IP pre-amplifier


CMX audio offer full range of IP public address system OEM & ODM service, while you could buy through CMX international distributorship network and receive professional before sales and after sales service, since our distributor all are well trainned and with good techinical background of IP public address system.




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