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UHF Wireless Conference System Delegate Unit UHF-400DD

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UHF Wireless Conference System Delegate Unit                                 



UHF wireless transmission technology for flexible installation and portable for rental use.

UHF wide frequency bandwidth of 740MHz to 790MHz for stable signal transmission.

Meet the needs for secure and interference-free communication and discussion conference system.

Minimum equipments to set up a basic conference system in a short time.

Ideal use for board room, conference room and meeting room for hotel, office and government.

Wireless conference system with basic discussion function.

Discussion delegate unit for audio conference system.

Chairman unit with priority over delegate unit when speech.

Chairman unit can turn off the delegate unit speech.

The system support only chairman speech mode without any interruption from others. Delegate units could speech only after the chairman unit exit the “Chairman Mode”.

Built-in lithium rechargeable battery, which support 16 hours of speech use and 60 hours of standby.

LCD screen English display the ID, signal level, battery & microphone status and control channel.

The microphone is designed with round ring indicator for microphone on.

The gooseneck microphone is pluggable for easy installation and replacement.

There are three buttons to set up the ID, control channel, volume up and down.

Power standby automatically when there is no operation within 99 seconds.

The microphone will be power off within 60 seconds when there is system error.

Gooseneck length of 400mm, longer one could be customized without additional cost.

Each conference system supports 256 delegate units.





UHF Wireless Delegate Unit

System Capacity

256 units

Power Supply

Built-in lithium battery, 4.5V, 500mA

UHF Frequency

UHF 750MHz-790MHz

Frequency Response


Battery Working Time

16 hours

Battery Standby Time

60 hours

Power Consumption


Voice Pickup Distance


Gooseneck Length


Gooseneck Color


Operation Temp

-20 to +55





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