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Ifrared Wireless Microphone System IR-500

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Infrared Wireless Microphone System                                               




The infrared wireless microphone system is ideal for confidential board meeting and anti interference education communication use. Thanks to the infrared transmission technology, sensitive information being discussed in a board room won’t leave the room. Secondly, the infrared wireless microphone can be used in several adjacent classrooms simultaneously without interference. In this way, the infrared wireless microphone system can meet the needs in educational and business environments perfectly.

The infrared wireless microphone system has been preferred as ideal IR wireless classroom sound system in school. Once the microphone is set for the one fixed channel, the microphone will automatically diagnose and matching its frequency with the transmitter, so there is no need for the teacher to change the microphone setting when moving to a different classroom. When several microphones were used in one school, there will be no interference among each other because the IR transmission is only effective in its own room. So the IR classroom sound system ensures that the teacher’s voice reaches all the students in the classroom and helps the students to better understand the lesson. Consequently, a stress-free classroom and learning environment for both teacher and students is created by a simple system.

The infrared wireless microphone system is also an perfect solution for museum, gallery, exhibition room, showroom, fitness center where multiple microphone systems used at the same time for multiple rooms without interference.

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