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8 Channel Amplifier Fault Changeover with Speaker Line Surveillance

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8 Channel Amplifier Fault Changeover with Speaker Line Surveillance                               



8 Channel amplifier fault changeover with speaker line surveillance

8 zone speaker line failure monitoring unit

Auto switch one standby amplifier to backup 8 main amplifier when failure within 1 second

8 speaker line supervision for open circuit, short circuit and impedance fluctuation

Each speaker zone detection time within 2 seconds

The amplifier and speaker line fault will be reminded by indicator, buzzer, fault out and RS485 out

8 amplifier indicator, standby amplifier indicator and 8 speaker line indicator

With calibrate button on front panel to initialize or calibrate each amplifier and speaker line setting

With 8 balanced line inputs and 8 balanced line outputs with 24V overriding relay

With 8 amplifier 100V inputs and 8 zone 100V outputs

Dipswitch for 8 zone enable or disable the monitoring

Auto or manual two different monitoring options

10% and 20% two speaker impedance monitoring options

Expandable from 8 zones to max 192 zones

24V DC operation system





8 Channel Amplifier Fault Changeover with Speaker Line Surveillance


8 Channels


Eight balanced line inputs by phoenix connector

Eight balanced line outputs with 24V relay by phoenix connector

Eight Amplifier 100V inputs by phoenix connector

Eight Speaker 100V outputs by phoenix connector

One fault contact output by phoenix connector & One RS485 output by RJ45


Auto or manual monitoring dipswitch; Enable or disabled 8 zone monitoring dipswitch

Expandable to 192 zones ID dipswitch; 10% or 20% monitoring speaker line fluctuation

Input Sensitivity/Impedance

1V, 10K Ohm

Pilot Tone Frequency

20 KHz (±5%)

Detection Line

50V/70V/100V Speaker line

Detection Level

50V rms min

Amplifier Detection Time

< 1 Second

Speaker Line Detection Time

< 2 Seconds per speaker zone

Changeover Time

< 1 Second

Failure Detection Time

5-15 Seconds

Failure Reset Time

20 Seconds Max.

Zone Loading Capacity

500W /100V Line Max.

Max Loading Current


Measurement Sensitivity

±10% of Speaker line impedance

Power Supply

DC24V by phoenix connector Max. 2A


482(W)x420(D)x44(H) mm




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