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PA-100LP Lightning Protector

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Lightning Protector


ü  The Lightning Arrestor protects PA system with outdoor speakers from potential damage
caused by thunder storms and lightning.  

ü  Four independent channels provide protection for up to 20A of audio power per channel,
when a channel exceeds the threshold the speakers are disconnected from the rest of the
system to prevent damage to other equipments. 

ü  4 signal inputs (70V/100V audio signal) and 4 signal outputs(70V/100V audio signal).
Automatic detection of lightning strike to the audio line if it happens & the inputs and

outputs will be cut off automatically.

ü  Four independent channels provide protection for up to 20A of audio power per channel.

ü  Protection against lightning strikes, over-voltage, and electric leakage.

ü  Indicators for normal and protection state.

ü  Lightning protection grade: IEC529/EN60 529 protection grade satisfied: IP 20.





Lightning   Protector

Channels Controlled

4 channels

Input Capacity

Each channel   70/100V,20A,audio signal

Output Capacity

Each channel   70/100V,20A,audio signal

Lightning Protection   Grade

IEC529/EN60,529protection   grade satisfied:IP20

Overload Threshold


Impulse Discharge   Current

Iimp(8/20)us current   peak:30KA

Current Leakage   Protection


Insulation Resistance


Alarm Output Level

(0V) short-cut   signal(active out)

Power Cable

(3×0.5 mm2)×1.5M

Power Supply

AC 220V ± 10% 50-60Hz

Power Consumption

20~ 25W





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