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PMX620 Powered 6 Channel Mixing Console

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Professional Powered 6 Channel Mixing Console



Classic range high quality powered mixing console.

6 channels compact professional mixing console built-in stereo power amplifier.

Ideal for meeting room, sound reinforcement system, BGM system, PA system use.

Cost-effective mixer with pre-amp, power amplifier, DSP, graphic equalizer and effecter.

Suitable for church and mosque religious gathering to create solemn environment.

Capacity of feed in versatile sources from balanced or unbalanced microphone, line or tape.

Built-in DSP processor can stereo or separately control the left and right channel output. The built-in Mp3 player is designed with USB and SD input for easy control.

Built-in 7 bands of graphic equalizer for different channel separate level control.

Built-in digital signal processor to cut off high filter and low filter for good restoration.

Ideal for applications where hi-fi sound effect needed like hotel, mosque, meeting room.





Professional Powered 6 Channel Mixing Console

Rated Power Output

2×200W at 4Ω

2×125W at 8Ω


6 channel

Input Sensitivity

Mic: -60dB

Line: -20dB

Effecter: -20dB

Tape: -20dB

Output Voltage

Earphone: 200Ω, 300mW

Others: +20dBu

DSP Effect

24 bit, 48K sampling

S/N Ratio



<0.03% at rated power



Frequency Response



Treble: 12KHz, ±15dB

Middle: 600KHz, ±15dB

Bass: 80Hz, ±15dB

Power Supply

AC 230V or 110V, 50-60Hz

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