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TS-702 12 Channel Interpreter Unit

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12 Channel Interpreter Unit



Main equipment of language distribution and simultaneous interpretation system.

12 languages (1 ground and 11 international) simultaneous translation and distribution system.

Ideal for international summit meeting, religious meeting and hotel rental use.

The spokesman’s speech in different languages will be send to the interpreter unit by the IR transmitter, the translator will selected the language to translate by the interpreter unit, the translated speech will be simultaneously send back to the IR transmitter. This transmitter will receive 12 different voice inputs then generate the infrared wireless signal through the 12 different outputs to be radiated by the IR radiator, while the attendant with IR receiver could receive different translated language by selecting different receiving channels.

Stable strong signal for accurate wireless infrared transmission system to prevent interference.

One interpreter unit capable of receive 12 channels and translate 1 language to be received by the IR receiver.

The system capacity of connection 11 interpreter units.

With inter-lock technology for same channel to ensure the correspondent of channel and language.

With indirect translation function, the interpreter can monitor others translation when the speech from the spokesman could not be understood, by this way, she can continue his translation without any delay.

Built-in 3” LCD to display the input and output channel in English, With busy and mute indicator.

Slow reminding button to spokesman to remind slow down the speaking speed.

With cough-proof function by automatically delete the noise.

With headphone input and volume control, Output volume attenuator to avoid feedback.

Built-in speaker to monitor her own translation.

With 25 Pin input from transmitter and one link output to next interpreter unit. with 13 Pin input as spare use.





12 Channel Interpreter Unit

Translation Way

Both direct and indirect translation


Ground and 11 languages


Earphone input

Frequency Response


S/N Ratio


Channel Separation





One input for transmitter and one line output for next interpreter unit

Power Consumption


Power Supply

DC24V from transmitter





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