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IP-9000MS IP Network Intercom Call Station

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IP Network Intercom Call Station



The IP network intercom call station is the main equipments to set up a network intercom system. With this call station, it is enable to make live speech to any selected intercom panel, while the built-in colorful LCD could display each intercom panel status. The call station is built-in microphone, monitor speaker so as two way intercom communication is available.

There is built-in chime before announcement, gooseneck red ring indicator light on means microphone is working. Support more than 300 call stations for one system, each call station could be set up with nine levels of different priorities. It is designed with one aux input and one aux output. It is powered by DC 9V, so a DC power adapter is included in the packing. Support LAN/WAN and Internet network.


The IP network intercom call station is the head of IP/TCP intercom system.

The call station is used to direct speech to each intercom panel and also could be picked up the intercom raised by the intercom panel.

Ideal solution for school classroom, hospital, hotel, military, factory, train station and airport.

Individual zone, group zones, selected zones and all zones different paging modes.

Max support 64,000 call stations working at the same time.

Built-in 4.3” colorful LCD in English display each intercom panel status, power and zone selection indicator, with 32 control buttons.

Built-in microphone, monitor speaker for two way intercom use.

Built-in SD memory card could be used as voice message to be assigned to any target intercom panel

With one contact input and one contact output to communicate with third party system

Option to add extension panel with 16 programmable short cut buttons.

With nine levels of priority.

Start time less than 0.1 second.

With one aux input and one aux output for external active speaker for monitor use.

Network data delay of less than 100 milliseconds.

It is powered by DC9V, the power adapter is included.

Support LAN/WAN and Internet network.





IP Network Intercom Call Station

Power Supply


Power Consumption


Network Protocol


Network Speed


Audio Sampling

8KHz-44.1KHz, 16 bits

Transmission Rate

8Kbps to 320Kbps

S/N Ratio


Frequency Response


Data Delay

100 milliseconds


TTF 4.3” colorful LCD, 480×272 resolution


One line input, one line output & one RJ45 port for LAN, one contact input and one contact output



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