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HD Video Conference System MCU (With MCU for 16 Users)

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HD Video Conference System MCU (With MCU for 16 Users)



VC-600MC is a high performance and large capacity multi-point control unit. It supports standard H.323 protocol, H.264 (high profile) codec and H.239 dual stream, and extensive network communication protocols. It is with full HD 1080P/60 terminal and media processing.


l  HD: 1080P/60

l  Low latency: Less than 200ms

l  Low bandwidth: Ultra-low bandwidth, 1M for 1080P HD Conference

l  Capacity: one machine 16 users, can be seamlessly upgraded to 120 users


Multimedia Framework Agreement ITU-T H.323, IETF SIP


l  Support: H.264 (highest: High profile)

l  Video Resolution Rate: QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, 480P, D1, 720P, 1080P24, 1080P25, 1080P30,1080P50, 1080P60

l  Support: mixed -speed, mixed video formats, mixed protocol conference

l  Static Graphic: XGA, HD720P, 640 x 480, 1280 x 1024, 1080P (1-60 frames), English subtitles

l  Supports H.239 dual stream digital technology, primary and secondary streams can reach resolution 1080P60

l  Bandwidth: 1Mbps for 1080p video conference available


l  Audio codec: G.711A/U, G.722, G.7221, G.722.1.C, G.723, iLBC, AAC, and so on.

l  Lip Sync

l  Multi-channel mixer

l  Echo Cancellation

l  Automatic Gain

l  Noise cancellation


l  With dual 100M/1000M network interface

l  Line can be adapted to DDN, ISDN, ATM, SDH, VPN, dedicated satellite, ADSL, etc

l  Span the router and firewall to ensure system security, support dual-network interface

l  Supports H.264 SVC, anti network error code, no interruption to the meeting within a 5% packet loss

l  Voice is with priority, support QOS strategy

l  Support H235 signaling encryption, AES media stream encryption

l  Conference access password

l  Conference control password

l  Administrator password


l  Support multi-screen, multi-screen layouts, up to 16pictures per screen

l  Supports split screen automatically

l  Director conference mode

l  Chairman conference mode

l  MCU convene mode

l  Meeting room mode

l  Broadcast mode

l  Free mode

l  Supports voice activation function

l  Support breakpoint re-invitation function

l  Support remote control HD camera, backlight settings


l  WEB management operation in English & Chinese version

l  Device management

l  User management

l  Conference management

l  Supports Telnet, ssh remote maintenance

l  Zone management according to user and region characteristics

l  Support large-scale terminal membership and management

l  Software upgrade: local & remote upgrade

l  IP network diagnosis: PING, packet loss, delay, jitter detection

l  Status indication of network packet loss

l  Supports event logging

l  Support configuration import and export

l  Restore factory settings


l  Model: VC-600MC

l  Description: IP Video Conference System MCU

l  Dimensions ( LxWxH ): 675mm x 430mm x 88mm

l  Weight: 25Kg

l  Electrical specification

l  Operating voltage: 100VAC ~ 240VAC

l  Operating frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz

l  Maximum power consumption: less than 500W

l  Environment Temperature: 10 ~ 35 (working condition) -40 ~ 55 (non- operating)

l  Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 80% (working) 0% ~ 95% (non- operating)

l  Ambient noise: less than 50dBA

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