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DSP Amplifier (Class-D & Four Channel 60W-120W-240W, 100V & 8 Ohm)

DSP Amplifier                                                                         ."[more]

Digital Public Address Sound System & Digital IP PA System for School, Campus and University

The IP Digital pubilc address (PA) network audio system can be built-up over the existing network of the school, so it is will simple for operation and maintenance.The digital IP PA system include background music system for playground and corridor, the classroom can select the online program for te…    [more]

updatetime: 2014-10-18 clicknumber: 50 sort: System Solution

IP Public Adddress (PA) System & Voice Evacuation (EVAC) System for Train Station

The digital IP public address (PA) system include background music system, remote zone paging system, voice alarm system and emergency digital IP network intercom system all in one solution.The train station waiting room will be installed the clear speech wall mount speaker on the wall.The office ro…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-01-30 clicknumber: 50 sort: System Solution

Digital IP Network Audio System & IP Based PA System for Airport Sound System

The Digital IP Network Audio System and Intercom System could be SDK customized with passenger broadcasting system, fire alarm system and central controls system together, so it will be all in one system for command use and emergency voice evacuation use.Digital IP Based PA System & Digital IP B…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-01-23 clicknumber: 50 sort: System Solution

IP Based PA Sound System for Fitness Center and Spa

     IP Public Address System IP-8000 Features: Ideal audio matrix BGM system for hotel, fitness center, SPA, restaurant and tourist boat. Multiple sources matrix distributed to multiple room at the same time. Digital IP audio…    [more]

updatetime: 2016-12-13 clicknumber: 50 sort: System Solution

24 Zone Digital IP PA System for Hotel Sound Solution

Digital IP PA System IP-8000 Features:   1) IP PA System could be built-up over existing LAN/WAN network. 2) Ideal cost-effective PA/BGM system for hotel.3) 24 streaming or decoding programs simultaneously. 4) Built-in weekly scheduled program timer. 5) 8 zone decoder built-i…    [more]

updatetime: 2016-12-13 clicknumber: 50 sort: System Solution
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