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DSP Amplifier (Class-D & Four Channel 60W-120W-240W, 100V & 8 Ohm)

DSP Amplifier                                                                         ."[more]

IR Wireless Conference System for Wuxi Sheraton Hotel

CMX Audio was appraised by its well-done job to offer and install the IR wireless conference system for Wuxi Sheraton Hotel, it is used for the conference room rental use.IR Wireless Conference System Features:-120 delegates units supplied-IR wireless technology-Easy for system expansion-Inter-…    [more]

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CMX Audio Install Intercom System for Beijing Metro

CMX Audio finally win the tender to install more than 80 sets of new IP intercom system for the new four Beijing Metro Lines.The features of the IP Network Intercom system:-Standby mechanical controller when sever fails-Two way full duplex intercom communication-Inter-work with CCTV, door access and…    [more]

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CMX Audio Move to New Office

CMX Audio Move to New Office    [more]

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