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DSP Amplifier (Class-D & Four Channel 60W-120W-240W, 100V & 8 Ohm)

DSP Amplifier                                                                         ."[more]


Thansur Bokor Highland Resort, Cambodia is a four star international hotel which situated 1075 m above the Gulf of Thailand with year-round mountain breezes, the resort features a casino, gym, and a spa with sauna facility. Featuring spectacular views of the ocean, Thansur Bokor Resort offers…    [more]

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CMX Audio Installed Outdoor IP Based Speaker by Thailand Local Government

CMX Audio Installed 30 Nos Outdoor IP Based Powered Column Speaker IP-8030CS, the system is used by local Thailand Government for BGM & paging system use along the river tunnel. It is fully integrate with IP CCTV through Wi-fi network up to 38kms, visit us for more IP based sound & paging so…    [more]

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CMX AUDIO Authorize Thailand and Lebanon Distributor

CMX Audio worldwide policy is to have long term sole distributor for each region, who will responsible for local sales, stock, technical support and after-sales service.Due to high acknowledgement of our superior quality and well-trained service, now our sales network expands quickly worldwidel…    [more]

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CMX Digital Class-D Amplifier Win Great Sucess for European Market

The Class-D range power amplifier from CMX now won great sucess in the market especially for West Europe, more than 23 customers of OEM and distributorship from Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Poland and France are great impressed by its high quality performance and reliability.Great advantages of Class-…    [more]

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CMX Sign New Partners for Commercial Audio System and Voice Evacuation System

Once you have a dream, it is a good fortune, once you have a team for a dream, it is most cherishable opportunity for us together. Do have your dream before we got old. I love my dream now, we are dreaming to be the best innovative commercial audio brand name from the world.There is a long way for u…    [more]

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CMX New 5" Two Way Compact Line Array Speaker System LAS-5200B

The LAS-5200B is a 5” 2-way compact line array speaker system that permits both constant directivity control over a wide frequency range and changes in directivity. Its rated power of 200W and max power output at 600W. The combination is flexible from tender to tender, each set is 4 loudspeakers c…    [more]

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CMX Denmark Distributor Won Campus IP Network Intercom System.

CMX Denmark Distributor Won Campus IP Network Intercom System. The IP Based Intercom System is ideal for Campus IP network communication and security system. Basic configuration: Server with software, IP intercom master station, IP intercom slave station. All intercom system based on IP mini…    [more]

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CMX Release NEW Public Address System Two Way Wall Mount Speaker 40W WSK-640TW

The new range of public address system use indoor & outdoor wall mount speaker is especially design for PA System, background music system and pagin system use in commercial sound system application.It is widely used in shopping mall, conference center, board room and hotel for its clear bass an…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-06-25 clicknumber: 50 sort: Product News

CMX Audio Mongolia Distributor Won 7 Sets of Economy Conference System with Audio System

CMX Audio Mongolia Distributor Won 7 Sets of Economy Conference System with Audio System. Discussion audio system with 20W+20W digital class-D amplifier and one pair of wall mount speaker for meeting room sound system. Conpact and cost-effective audio conference system with audio system for multiple…    [more]

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CMX New IWS-66X 6" 3W-6W-10W In-Wall Speaker for Commercial Background Music Use

As for the home background music and commercial background music requirements, we had invested on the new rang of in-wall speaker especially design for PA BGM and Hi-fi Music Use. These range of speaker compromise of three range: Hi-fi coaxial 10W/20W in-wall speaker with crossover, 100V coaxial 3W-…    [more]

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CMX New IP POE Powered Ceiling Speaker for IP Public Address System

The IP VOIP POE Ceiling Speaker is very useful for IP public address system where power supply and control data need to be transmitted over one single wire CAT5 or fiber optical cable.It is high integrated IP PA sound system which compromise of IP streaming, digital class-D amplifier and loudspeaker…    [more]

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CMX Audio Invitation for 2015 Prolight+Sound Guangzhou (April 5-8)

CMX Audio is one of the leading Commercial Audio & Public Address & IP Network Audio & Intercom System Manufacturer in China, We are proud to invite you to visit us at the coming Prolight+Sound Guangzhou tradeshow.During this tradeshow which is one of the most important Pro Audio & L…    [more]

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Happy Chinese New Year

After a two weeks Chinese New Year Holidays, now we are full open for 2015.Thanks for worldwide customer support, our sales turnover in 2014 increase more than 135%, for the goal of 2015, our growth rate is 80%.The 2015 new year strategy:1. Enhance the digital class-d amplifier to more tha…    [more]

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CMX Won Intelligent PA System for Qatar Middle School Sound System

The school sound system requirements as: The teacher's lesson enable to be heard clearly whereever of this classroom; there will be scheduled programmable lessons for different levels of students, the sound system will be overrided by Fire Alarm System and Voice Evacuation System from fire center.Th…    [more]

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2015 CMX Company Presentation Release

CMX here would like to make wishes together with worlwide customer, peaceful world and flourshing business.So as to have a easier understanding of CMX company business capacity and strategy, here we would like to release our 2015 company presentation, please download it or send mail to us for reques…    [more]

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