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DSP Amplifier (Class-D & Four Channel 60W-120W-240W, 100V & 8 Ohm)

DSP Amplifier                                                                         ."[more]

Economy Public Address System 6W ABS Ceiling Speaker

Public address system use ceiling mounted speaker with transformer. 5" Ceiling Speaker with Transformer(1.5W-3W-6W)CSK-56EFeature:Commercial ceiling speaker with transformerIdeal for school, office, hotel and airport background music systemRated power output 1.5W-3W-6W at 100V5" full range paper …    [more]

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CMX Audio New Digital Class-D Four Channel 120W Power Amplifier

DA-4120 Class-D Four Channel 120W Power Amplifier Features: Switching power technology digital power amplifier Class-D PA power amplifier of minimum power consumption Less rack space and less heat generation Four channel power amplifier into 19” rack mount unit Rated power output at 4x120W …    [more]

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New Digital Voice Evacuation System

5 Zone 250W Voice Evacuation AmplifierVM-3250AM Digital Speaker Line Supervision. Automatically monitor speaker circuits. Whenever there is an overload or short circuit, the malfunction speaker can be automatically isolated, preventing damage to the amplifier. After the malfunction is remedied,…    [more]

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CMX Audio Release New Digital IP PA System & Digital IP Network Intercom System

Digital IP Network Audio System & Digital IP PA SystemDetailed information please visit the below two website pages:IP-8000 Digital IP PA System IP-9000, IP Network Intercom System  www.cmxa…    [more]

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