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DSP Amplifier (Class-D & Four Channel 60W-120W-240W, 100V & 8 Ohm)

DSP Amplifier                                                                         ."[more]

Basic Hot Selling Commercial 120W Mixer Amplifier with Mp3

The new released basic commercial mixer amplifier comprosied of two range: commercial public address system mixer amplifier(60W, 120W, 240W & 350W, 2U) and commercial public address system background music amplifier (60W, 120W, 240W & 350W).Due to its basic function, we strictly control the …    [more]

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Four Channel Class-D Power Amplifier 120W & 250W

The new range digital four channel class-D power amplifier, is designed of 19" rack mount type, high effiency up to 85%, very good for environment protection for its minimum power consumption.The Class-D power amplifiers from CMX are designed with the most advanced technology up to today, it is swit…    [more]

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CD/Mp3/USB Player with AM/FM Tuner & RDS

The audio source player integrate three different sources into one compact unit, 19" rack mount design of 1U height. Support CD Player, Mp3 player with USB, AM/FM/RDS tuner, supplied with remote control, two separate CD/Mp3 output and Tuner output.Ideal for AV sound system installation and public ad…    [more]

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CMX Public Address System 10 Zone Paging System with BGM & Voice Alarm Design Template

The traditional public address system is still widely used worldwidly for its easy operation and low maintenance cost.Here CMX put out a range of design templates for traditional public address system for 10 zone, 20 zone, 30 zone and up to 120 zones, thanks for its competitive price and reliable pe…    [more]

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PA-120CZ Economy Range 120W Mixer Amplifier Hot Sells

Thanks for new SMT technlogy, our production efficiency and quality consistency both had been improved a lot. Moreover, the SMT production line help us to reduce cost based on huge quantity production capacity.While The PA-120CZ is hote sell amplifier at RMS 120W, it is universal wholesales mixer po…    [more]

updatetime: 2014-08-13 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

CMX Audio New Product-60W Podium & Lectern with Portable PA System

The attractive public address (PA) system podium or lectern that features an all-in one design, which includes a built-in 60W amplifier and 4 loudspeakers. It is designed with a flexible gooseneck microphone and a lamp for reading use. A number of input and output connections make it easy to expand …    [more]

updatetime: 2014-08-01 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

Infrared Wireless Conference System & Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System Integration

CMX Audio Digital IR Wireless Conference System with Simultaneous Interpretation System. Full infrared wireless technology, without any cable for audio conference system and 12 channel different languages simultaneous interpretation system. Easy mobile system. Ideal system for multiple rooms and mai…    [more]

updatetime: 2014-07-25 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

CMX Audio Release New Range Public Address System Amplifier & Loudspeakers

Thanks to worldwide new distributor and dealer's support, we had invest a lot new range of products to meet the universal market requirements.CMX Audio as one of the leading public address system manufacturer in China, our product development and company management philosophy both are international-…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-01-30 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

New PA-240MT 6 Zone 240W Amplifier with Mp3 & FM

PA-240MT, 6 Zone 240W Public Address System Amplfier with Mp3 & FM, The public address (PA) system amplifier is built-in Mp3 player by USB and SD inputs, it is also built-in FM tuner. It is all in one solution with two sources, pre amplifier and power amplifier into one unit. It is with 4 microp…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-01-30 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

New 16 Zone IP Network Intercom System IP-9000K

IP Network Intercom Panel IP-9000K  IP 16 Zone Network Adapter IP-9000AK   Feature: IP-9000AK is the network adapter with 16 zone capacity to link total 16 pcs IP-9000K, thus the system cost is minimum for multiple room solution. The IP-9000AK is built-in 20W low impedance…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-01-23 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

5" Economy Ceiling Speaker ABS CSK-56E

CSK-56E public address system 5" 6W ceiling speaker was sign exclusive distributor for our Sri-Lank agent and Tunis agent, it is hot sell for its both well-performed bass and treble curvs, which enable it can delivery incredible clear human voice speech, it is pure RAL9016 white color with robu…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-01-23 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

New EN54-24 Certificate Public Address (PA) System Ceiling Speaker

The 6.5" Public Address (PA) System Ceiling Speaker are issued with EN54-24 EVAC Certificate.EVAC6, 6.5" EVAC EN54-24 Ceiling Speaker, 1.5W-3W-6W, 110-20K HZ.EVAC10, 6.5" EVAC EN54-24 Ceiling Speaker, 3W-6W-12W, 110-20K HZ.EVAC20, 6.5" EVAC EN54-24 Ceiling Speaker, 5W-10W-20W, 95-20K Hz.Ideal f…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-01-23 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

CMX Audio Release Economy Conference System

CMX Audio is a well-kown registered brand for digital conference system and IP Network Audio System.Now we are puting out new range of economy conference system, which is world-level sound quality of attractive design.There are more than 10 different designs of microphone for options.We al…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-01-23 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

CMX Audio New Product-Professional Class-D Four Channel Power Amplifier

Digital Class-D Amplifier Feature:Robust performance range professional stereo power amplifier.Ideal for life performance, permanent installation and reinforcement sound system.Switching power technology digital Class-D level power amplifier.Green technology amplifier by 85% efficiency of less pow…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-01-23 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

Economy Public Address System 6W ABS Ceiling Speaker

Public address system use ceiling mounted speaker with transformer. 5" Ceiling Speaker with Transformer(1.5W-3W-6W)CSK-56EFeature:Commercial ceiling speaker with transformerIdeal for school, office, hotel and airport background music systemRated power output 1.5W-3W-6W at 100V5" full range paper …    [more]

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