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DSP Amplifier (Class-D & Four Channel 60W-120W-240W, 100V & 8 Ohm)

DSP Amplifier                                                                         ."[more]

CMX Audio-Public Address System Compact 60W PA Amplifier with USB/SD & FM

The tabletop compact size Public Address (PA) System amplifier is design for BGM use, it is built-in Mp3 player and FM  radio. This PA amplifier integrates pre-amplifier, power amplifier and Mp3/FM into one unit. It is of very reliable performance for its SMT quality consistent PCB technology, …    [more]

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8 Channel Amplifier Fault Changeover with Speaker Line Surveillance ACS-800

The 8 channel amplifier fault auto-changeover with speaker line impedance surveillance is an integrated controller integrates the amplifier fault changeover with the speaker line surveillance into one 19” 1U unit. The amplifier fault auto changeover will automatically switch into standby amplifier…    [more]

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5 Zone 250W EVAC System Voice Evacuation Amplifier VA-3250F

5 Zone 250W EVAC Voice Evacuation System Amplifier, VA-3250F. Built-in 5 zone amplifier, built-in emergency fireman microphone, built-in Mp3 & FM, built-in amplifer monitoring, speaker line supervision, with remote 5 zone paging call station, AC & DC operation. Expandable to 10 zones. Emerg…    [more]

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New Digital Loudspeaker Management System for Professional Audio System

Professional audio system with digital loudspeaker management for sound reinforcement system, ideal for life performance, conference hall, worship places, auditorium and speech refinforcement system. Digital class-D power amplifier with 4 channel loudspeaker management system with DSP, EQ, crossover…    [more]

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CMX NEW Digital Class-D Two Channel Amplifier 240W 100V & 8ohms

The NEW rang switching power technology digital class-D power amplifier of excellent cooling system and very reliable power supply system. We commit its failure rate is less than 0.3% and we offer 5 years quality warranty. More options for this system: RS232, Cobranet module, Dante module, DSP modul…    [more]

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CMX NEW Digital Mini 100W Class-D Stereo Power Amplifier D-250

Digital Mini 100W Class-D Stereo Power Amplifier D-250, amplifier features of compact wall mounted digital class-D stereo power amplifier.Digital class-D stereo power amplifier of switching power green technologyHigh efficiency up to 85% for minimum power consumption and environment protection …    [more]

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Digital Mini 40W Class-D Stereo Amplifier D-220 New Product from CMX Audio

Digital mini 40W Class-D Stereo Amplifier D-220 is designed for small size room sound system, BGM & paging system use in Board room, classroom & AV multiple room. It is easy to be wall mounted for its small size, the Class-D technology enable it power one pair 20W low impedance speakers for …    [more]

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Digital Voice Evacuation Amplifier EN54-16 On The Way

8 Zone Voice Evacuation Amplifier EVAC-240 (240W) EVAC-500 (500W)  IP Based 8 Zone Voice Evacuation Amplifier EVAC-240IP (240W) EVAC-500IP (500W) Digital voice evacuation system all in one amplifier. Specifications meet the standards of BS EN54-32 & EN608409. EN54-16 standar…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-04-21 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

8" Two Way Wall Mount Speaker 60W WSK-860C

As for the high requiremetns of conference room and theme theater sound system, CMX release the 8" two way powerful wall mount speaker for versatile permanent installation sound system and Public Address Sound system use.The 8" two way wall mount speaker is of 60W RMS and 80W Max, support both 100V/…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-04-18 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

CMX Release Cobranet Network Module for Class-D Amplifier and IP Based PA System

CMX Release CorbraNet Module with DSP, which enable to transmit realtime audio over network with minimum latency, high fidelity up to 96KHz sampling, flexible configuration input and out channel from 8 to 16 and up to 16 channel matrix. This module will be added to Class-D power amplifier, IP networ…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-04-15 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

CMX New Public Address Amplifier-Mini Compact 40W/60W Mixer Amplifier with TEL & MOH

As for the small application sound system requirments, we put out the new mini compact mixer amplifier rated at 40W & 60W. It is suitable for AV application, board room, classroom and retail shop sound system use.Tabletop Mini Compact Mixer Amplifier 40W/60WPA-40MiPA-60MiPublic address (PA) tabl…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-01-21 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

Class-D Four Channel 500W Power Amplifier

As for the new trend of Class-D switching power technology for its less weight, small compact size, minimum power consumption, CMX release its new generation of class-D PA power amplifier, please review its features and brochure and contact us for any interest.The DA-4500 have following features:--S…    [more]

updatetime: 2015-02-27 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

4 Zone, 8 Zone, 16 Zone, 32 Zone & 64 Zone Audio Matrix Background Music System

Do you need multiple sources inputs and multiple zone output audio matrix system?Do you need background music system for fitness center, hotel, SPA and theme bar?Do you need one audio matrix background music support multiple microphone and multiple DVD/CD/Mp3/Tuner to different rooms?Do you need one…    [more]

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60W Class-D Digital Power Amplifier with USB/Recorder/Bluetooth/Remote Control

CMX put out new class-d digital power amplifier of 60W RMS power, which is target for small meeting room, board room and AV application sound system. It is of digital Class-D switching power technology, its compact size and light weight are user friendly in design and use.Features:Class-D digital po…    [more]

updatetime: 2014-12-12 clicknumber: 50 sort: Company News

CMX NEW Digital Conference System

After market study, so as to help our CMX distributor and contrator to offer the most attractive and most advanced digital conference system, now we had invest on the new tooling of several art-of finish conference microphone units.The new digital conference system of full digital system with DSP en…    [more]

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