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CMX AV conference system for Tianshui District Government Building

CMX TS-600 Digital conference system and VC-600 HD Video Conference System for Tianshui District Government Building

CMX is leader of digital public address system, EN54-16 voice alarm system, IP Audio System and audio conference system and pro sound system and video conferencing system.  We have more than 36 distributor worldwide and more than 50 OEM/ODM partners for various public address amplifier and loudspeakers.

The Tianshui District Government Building need to integrate audio conference system TS-600 for daily communication and meeting use, while the pro sound system from CMX shall offer high quality sound performance and clear voice restoration without any interference or noises.

The IP-600 IP public address system is mainly used for background music broadcasting, general announcement and emergency paging system.

The VC-600 HD video conferencing system is used for multiple party AV conferencing system, sharing information and command system for emergency.

These system integration by our HDMI matrix of 8 channel to switch various audio and video system, moreover, the Ipad with remote control software can program and pre-set different meeting system scenarios, so it is very useful and integrated AV solution for auditorium and government buildings.

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