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DAB200 DAB+Internet Radio & Digital Tuner from CMX AUDIO


DAB + Internet Radio




ü  19” rack mount digital tuner or internet radio player

ü  Digital tuner via DAB + internet radio

ü  Hi-fi tuner for receiving digital radio station via FM/DAB/DAB+ or the internet radio

ü  Compatible with multiple room sound system: allows playback on several devices in the same network

ü  Easy to exchange antennas for receiving Wi-Fi, DAB/FM and Bluetooth

ü  Input of 3.5mm line in jack

ü  Output of 3.5mm line out jack, headphone jack, stereo RCA jack, Coaxial S/PDIF, Optical digital output

ü  With one RJ45 Ethernet connection

ü  USB port for playing back external data carriers

ü  Bluetooth for music transmission from a smart phone or tablet

ü  2 alarm storage spaces with independent alarm modes (radio/alarm tone)

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