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EN54-16 Standards Fireman Microphone Release

Fireman Microphone




ü  Fireman microphone meets the EN54 standard.

ü  Four programmable keys and EVAC/Alert.

ü  Remote pre-recorded message broadcast in case of emergency.

ü  Remote fireman microphone highest priority announcement in case of emergency.

ü  Emergency microphone signal path real-time monitoring.

ü  Different levels of priority configurable.

ü  Support DC 24V phantom power supply from the controller.

ü  With AC, DC, fault, MIC and indication test four indicators.

ü  With emergency activation button for all zone EVAC operation.

ü  Communication distance up to 600 meters.

ü  Communication with controller through CAT6 cable.

ü  Each system supports 32 units of fireman microphone maximum.

ü  Support normal paging mode and PTT modes.

ü  With DIP switch to set its ID on rear panel.

ü  Support line redundancy connection.

ü  With lock and key to ensure access permission.

ü  IP55 outdoor operation support.

EVAC-500FM EN54-16 Voice Alarm System Fireman Microphone Data Sheet Download Link:

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