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CMX CMX Sales & Marketing Center Opening Ceremony 2018

CMX Sales & Marketing Center opening ceremony stir up great excitement for 2018 new year.

The new sales & marketing center is intelligent office for sales team, which covers 3 ceference rooms, accounting room, CEO room, China sales team, international sales team, sales assistant team & technical support team.

A complete team design surely will enhance the satisfactory of customer service, a new working environment surely will stir up higher passion and effiency of our family members.

CMX AUDIO is leading brand name of full low voltage system integration includes of public address system, EN54 voice alarm system, IP audio, AV conference system.

In 2018 our full key systems will be released to market:

1) Intelligent IP Audio System for Education Application

2) Clever Communication System for Transpotation

3) Sharing AV Conference System with Wireless Control

Family photo to welcom 2018 new year.

New Party to share cake, candy & fruits together.

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